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Value Proposition

A Powerful Value Proposition

Do You Have The Power?

B2B marketing success pivots on the strength of the value proposition.

Say it Fast or Not At All

At the individual level -If you can’t say it quick and easy right now you probably don’t really know it well enough to make it effective.

Do We Agree?

At the company level consider this test – get any 5-10 people who should know the value proposition around a conference table. Give them all a pencil and a blank piece of paper. Give them 60 seconds to write down the company’s value proposition. Now compare them; it’s rare when they are substantially alike.

Do We Sound Alike?

Next take all of the value proposition samples from around the room and ask yourself; how many of our competitors could say the exact same thing? Nine out of ten value propositions I see or hear cold have come from anybody in the competitive set.

A Story of a Powerful Value Proposition

Reach Technology is a company that sells touch displays to embedded engineers for use in products instead of switches and dials. Color touch LCD displays are a commodity. When they came to us they didn’t have a value proposition and their revenue had been fairly flat for almost 20 years.

We worked with them to build a value proposition where:

  • We spoke to the primary buyer – an embedded engineer in a small company who would use 3,000 units a year or less.
  • They had a huge need to be able to adopt quickly, remove risk that the adoption would fail, limit product availability risk and make the adoption process easy.
  • We covered almost every limitation each competitor had for both the prospect’s needs and wants.
  • We provided lots of proof that we would reliably deliver.

The value proposition is: Reach makes embedded touch screens easy – you can be up and running in hours with a prototype that can quickly go into production with no design risk,  no worries about availability or ongoing product support all for a small premium over the cost of the components.

30%+ Per Year Growth

This value proposition proven to be so powerful that when combined with our outbound and inbound marketing campaigns that the company has grown at over a 30% rate for each of the last three years. This value proposition worked so well that they fired the sales people and now only have one inside sales person who answers a few questions and takes orders.

Our Value Proposition

The Albertson Performance Group value proposition is that we make marketing automation an easy, effective and high ROI activity by doing innovative campaign design and project managing the best resources for any B2B business with high value products or services. Our clients are amazed by our ability to get results where others have repeatedly failed.

Are You Ready For a Little Rocket Fuel?

Are you ready for a value proposition that will take your business to the next level of revenue, profit and ROI? We’ll work with you to build a value proposition that will boost your program ROI and you’ll leverage for years to come.

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