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Mafia Offer

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They laughed when I said Mafia Offer but when the  b2b leads and sales started to climb…

Powerful offers are the backbone of effective b2b lead generation and achieving a high close rate on those leads. For most offer creation is a combination of a bit of science and lots of “art” that produces unpredictable results most of the time. What if there was a way to create a powerfully effective offer that had the following bonuses;

  1. Better margins
  2. Shorter sales cycles
  3. Larger customer lifetime value
  4. Higher close rate

A Mafia Offer is simply addresses a fundamental limitation of doing business with your category of solution so well that 80% or more of the target market will say, “Yes,” AND it is an offer that your competitors won’t copy any time soon.

The Theory of Constraints by Dr. Goldratt , the science behind the “mafia offer” holds that in any system or business, there is some kind of constraint that limits the system’s capacity to achieve its goal. The mafia offer is a proposal to clients, from you, to remove a constraint which when removed will deliver value to them and their business. If your competitors can’t or don’t match this enhanced level of value you typically will win in terms of the four benefits listed above not to mention powerful b2b lead generation.

For many the work and cost of removing constraints and doing so in a way that is sustainable and that your competition won’t copy is just too much for any number of very legitimate reasons. For many the idea of creating a real mafia offer is just a nice idea that is unlikely to ever become a reality.

Do you want to put a mafia offer to work in your business? We can offer you two choices; give us a call and we can discuss a custom “mafia offer” consulting project or you can check out or Sixty Days to New Business program which includes the creation of a powerful offer or a mafia offer whenever possible:

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