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The Right Value Proposition

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The Right Value Proposition – easy to say and hard to do

Most of us agree with the right value proposition is critical to b2b lead generation and business growth. The big question is how to do it so works. Here are the four components of a powerful value proposition we have found to work best in most situations.

Here is our take on the basics of creating the right value proposition in video form:

Elements of a powerful value proposition

  1. The right value proposition points to an urgent problem in the target market;
  2. Positions you as different from the competitive offerings;
  3. Provides  proof that you will perform as promised;
  4. And it speaks to a problem specific to that market niche segment.

If you can string these four value proposition elements together, in our experience, you’ll likely get better margins, shorter sales cycles and excellent word-of-mouth.

The consequences of leaving an element out of your value proposition

  1. If you leave out the urgent part, you’re likely to hear “not now” more often than you’d like.
  2. Appear to be the same as all your competitors and you’ll probably get price pressure.
  3. Fail to offer proof that you will deliver on your promises and you may be perceived as too risky to do business with.
  4. Fail to position your offer as specific to a segment or particular industry and you’re likely here “I just can’t justify working with your company” because people tend to go with a solution that is specific to market niche or industry even if it isn’t the best solution.

Too busy to do it for yourself?

If you want a fast track to more new business where all you do is interview and review to get a steady stream of new b2b leads without cold calling or hard selling then consider visiting us at In addition to providing you with a value proposition that works we’ll also give you the rest of the system required to have your market regularly say “tell me more”.


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