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Mind Set

A Business Growth State of Mind

A Mindset for Growth:

It’s our experience that business growth comes from mindset as much as from having a great offer, being in a great niche, or having great people. You may have success without the right mindset but, if that’s the case, we are confident that the success you have will be a mere shadow of what it could be. The following are indicators of a mindset for growth — in our experience:

  • You have a  perspective of what can be gained, rather than what could be lost
  • You understand that success comes from making the intangible concrete, relevant and valuable
  • You aim for excellence, rather than perfection
  • You have conviction that results from effective action
  • You embrace the thought that growth has three imperatives: 1) marketing,2) sales and business development, 3) leadership
  • You know that growth takes commitment, time, and action
  • You understand that market alignment is critical. To the degree you are mis-aligned, growth will be sub-par
  • You always test, because you know it works.
  • You believe that marketing, sales, and leadership are combinations of science and art
  • You believe that if you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re probably right.
  • You don’t take any of this too seriously. Nobody is getting out alive.